About a month ago, two folders appeared in my /pictures directory named:

Ready To Glare 🔪 (@ReadytoglareYT) _ Twitter_files and Lawrence's stream mom _ funhaus_files . Inside the folders are .js.download files, html files, .jpg files, and .png files, _api files(whatever that means), etc.

I didnt create them and never witnessed this type of behavior before. I tried a virus scan with Comodo Antivirus, Kasperski antivirus, and malwarebytes. They didnt find anything.

I cant find anything that would explain this on Google.

Anyone have any idea how this could have happened?

enter image description here enter image description here


These are files for saved webpages. I can almost completely guarantee that you've accidentally hit Ctrl+S in your browser and saved a page to your Pictures directory.

If you go up one folder, you'll almost certainly find a pair of HTML files that correspond to the folder names. The _files directories are where the resources (images, scripts, etc.) are saved for those saved HTML pages.

  • Wow, your right. I found the html files 1/^ up. I went to the site and tried to download that cat image by right clicking and ->*save as* and it defaults the save type to "webpage complete" instead of .jpg. Must be a twitter thing. – eromod Jul 24 at 22:29
  • 1
    @eromod If you're looking at an image on Twitter where there are multiple pictures in an album, the left/right arrow elements completely cover the picture and prevent you from just doing right click -> save image. Instead, if you right click -> inspect element you can look a couple of elements up in the DOM inspector window and find the URL for the image you want to save. – Polynomial Jul 24 at 22:31
  • yep, right click and inspecting the media got me the .jpg without the entire html. Here is the culprit pbs.twimg.com/media/D7d5aBpVsAAOL2y.jpg Thanks for the tip, saved me alot of headache. – eromod Jul 24 at 22:39

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