This organization I'm working for uses OpenDNS/Cisco Umbrella. I'm confused as to why I'm seeing requests for SSL traffic resolved to

Are these sinkholed IP addresses? I thought the blockpage IPs were these ones: https://support.opendns.com/hc/en-us/articles/227986927-What-are-the-Cisco-Umbrella-Block-Page-IP-Addresses-

I guess I'm just confused as to how this whole thing works. I've tried reading the OpenDNS support but it hasn't really answered my questions on the IPs above.

  • You mean HTTPS traffic? When do you see that? When accessing some blocked pages ? – Patrick Mevzek Aug 3 at 2:35
  • Yes sorry, I did mean HTTPS traffic. I'm seeing the traffic throughout the day. I'm assuming these OpenVPN IPs are of their block pages? I know they belong to OpenVPN, I'm just not sure of their purpose. – stackexchangeuser42069 Aug 6 at 20:04
  • Maybe OpenVPN could explain that to you if you ask them... – Patrick Mevzek Aug 7 at 14:31

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