Is there any way to load html data uri:


with this scheme:


i have seen this payload going around:


But only shows as text plain, on latest Chrome / Firefox

Mozzila Firefox ESR latest -> prompts download


Doing this directly in the searchbar won't work, it must to be activated from the source code.

By introducing a newline right in the middle of the protocol handler, we can make sure that blacklists looking for javascript: and data: as well as other possibly malicious handlers will not detect anything bad, and probably will allow submission. The only browsers not allowing this kind of obfuscation are Firefox and Gecko-based user agents. Since it's allowed to use the canonical form of the newline.

Practically you can manipulate the handler by using hex-chars to replace with some chars in the current payload.

The "a" in this payload is actually hardcoded in hex, between "d" and "t", then using the content type text/html for displaying it, also the a's next are in hex:

<a href="
        <scr&#x69pt>alert('Gstuff')</scr&#x69pt>">click me</a>

The code above will result in a valid XSS, tested in Safari 12.11


  • Thanks, learned something new! :-) Well unfortunately for me, I can only use foobar:// uri scheme expect javascript word, and was thinking I can do this with data://, I just looked and you are right. php.net/manual/en/wrappers.data.php – SecurityQuy Aug 1 at 16:11

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