Is there a way of exporting all user data associated with a Firefox Account?

  1. Yes? where can I request/download it?

  2. No? isn't right of access a legal requirement under the current GDPR legislation?

Examples of what I'm asking :

  1. Google: Download your data
  2. Facebook: Accessing & Downloading Your Information
  3. GitHub: Download all of your data
  4. LinkedIn - Accessing Your Account Data
  5. Twitter - Your Twitter data

Yes - Right of access is a requirement under GDPR for EU residents, although it is not always implemented in the same way.

I would start with Mozilla's Privacy Policy which has a link to a form for Data Subject Access Requests at the end - that in turn has an option for Information Requests.

It also has a link to Information for EU, EEA, and Swiss users but that page doesn't seem to specifically address your question.

  • Thank you for the link, form sent. I find amazing that Mozilla, an organization that uses privacy as their motto, doesn't implement an easy way of exporting user data. – Pedro Lobito Aug 19 '19 at 10:50

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