I have solve half of the problem by decoding a base64 code that reveal the next URL(https://app.findbug.io/app/task/FinDBuG-CTF2019) but now i don't know what to find or where i tried it with burpsuite. Henter image description hereere is the link for confirmation code:https://app.findbug.io/app/hacker/task

enter image description here

  • curl -X OPTIONS target – tungsten Aug 26 '19 at 18:19
  • Or to fit this situation, change GET to OPT OPTIONS /app/task/FinDBuG-CTF2019 HTTP/1.1 and repeat the request: – tungsten Aug 26 '19 at 18:39
  • but what im gonna find there i dont see any confirmation code just an alowed post and all json token. – snowr Aug 26 '19 at 19:10
  • And it was the same thing again just with the POST method. Thank You! – snowr Aug 26 '19 at 19:16
  • Usually questions for personal purpose are not intended to be asked on a HQ forum. – tungsten Aug 26 '19 at 19:22

What you have to do is use HTTP OPTIONS method and look at the response then work your way from there

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