I'm testing Android app which is vulnerable to HTML injection, but I'm having problem escalating it to a stored XSS vulnerability.

I have tried these, and many more:

<iframe src="javascript:confirm(1)">
<a href="javascript:alert(1)">foo | linking to https://foo.com does not work also

None of these work - they don't render or links/tags are not clickable. I have also tried using Android event handlers like ontouchstart and so on, but none of them seem to work either.

However I have noticed that I can load any image like this:

<img src="https://host.com/image.jpg">

I tried adding event handlers there too, but it did not work.

I'm out of ideas. I have tried googling for this but I can't seem to find answer why it does not work. I was thinking can it be because I'm running on Android 5.1.1, which does have some built-in XSS protection?

  • Maybe the server it's fetching the page from has some csp set that prevent scripts from executing ?
    – Xavier59
    Aug 29, 2019 at 14:02
  • the render text was actually done via textview html.fromHtml which cannot execute JS as far as i know. Aug 30, 2019 at 0:11

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After decompiling the app and going through the source code I found out that it cannot be escalated to XSS because it's using Html.fromHtml TextView

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