I am looking for email providers with the following conditions for privacy.

email providers that:

  • Are free.
  • Do not require JavaScript or other credentials for registration.
  • Provide an onion service.
  • Support PGP encryption and key management.
  • Have encrypted inboxes by default.
  • Are outside Fourteen Eyes jurisdictions -- especially the US jurisdiction.
  • Have desktop email compatibility with Mozilla Thunderbird.

If you know of any email providers like this, I would appreciate it if you could let me know.

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    Unfortunately. we are not recommendation professionals. A simple search does this. But SCRYPTmail.com does provide the most of your needs (I also use it) – tungsten Sep 2 at 19:53
  • protonmail.com would also fill most of the requisites – Ángel Sep 2 at 22:49