I have recently come from a post and the accepted answer described the password as a cryptographic key. I have an understanding of RSA, AES and uses of it such as digital signatures however I fail to see how it is used in this case.

Atleast when using SSL, RSA is used to exchange a symmetric key and then use an algorithm such as AES to quickly encrypt and decrypt the message, however the accept answer is inferring the symmetric key is now the password.

Do all users on the network have the same symmetric key, or it is a newly generated symmetric key for each new user? Exactly how does it work, I am assuming the router encrypts using the symmetric key and assumes all connected users can decrypt it, however when how does it store when someone is connected?

Coming from a web architecture, a session token is sent to the server to know if a user is logged in, in this case connected. I do not fully understand what is going on and I was hoping someone to explain.

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