My default configuration of Apple Time Capsule has port 445 (Apple Time Capsule smbd) open to the world. Online port scanners (shodan/detectify.com) show me that this. What's a bit worrying is the version showing "SMB Version: 1" and I don't need to share files with the world over SMB.

Is it ok to disable this and how would I do that ?

Can Airport Utility do this ?

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    You have essentially two options: Configure Time Capsule to not offer this (which should be asked over at Ask Different), or configure your firewall to not allow any incoming traffic at TCP/455.
    – user163495
    Sep 12, 2019 at 12:41

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Don't trust random devices to be secure.

Instead, implement a firewall between 'the internet' and your device, and make sure to block this unrequired traffic at the firewall level. Apple have discontinued the product, and according to at least one chat thread there isn't a firmware upgrade to disable this, nor will one be forth coming.

As a slight aside, this is why people often choose to implement their own solutions rather than using a off the shelf one. Once the manufacturer stops supporting it, you're left with something that'll never be more secure than at that moment. A ticking time bomb if you will.

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