I recently saw the app below in my phone. Have disabled it immediately when I saw it. Have no idea:

  • what it is

  • why it's in my phone

  • how long it's been there

  • and how to uninstall it (there's no uninstall option as you see in the screenshot)

enter image description here

Just wonder if anyone has experienced this issue (probably with another app, but pretty much same situation), and whether it's a security issue?

A few days ago, I installed a camera monitoring app called Xmeye (landlord installed the security camera, and told me that I can use this app to connect to it). Immediately uninstall the app after the first run as:

  • it's from China

  • it asks for access to phone call, contact, location (I did not grant it the access, so it did not even start. Though I did give it storage access)

Not sure if there's any link between this Xmeye app and the above app.

This question is somehow similar, and the only answer suggests to disable all permissions for the suspicious app, but I found no permission for that one.

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  • Unfortunately, we are not a malware removal site. We cannot possibly know if the other app could be involved without inspecting your phone. – schroeder Sep 21 at 7:00
  • The name suggests it's a comic app (Manga) though that probably doesn't mean anything useful unless it jogs your memory of when it might have been installed. – jfran3 Sep 21 at 7:11
  • The app's name is まんがお得 (Manga O-toku, Good-value Manga). Judging from the icon, it is by ebookjapan, a legal online manga service in Japan (with Yahoo! Japan). However, to make things clear, we need the app's package name first. – Andrew T. Sep 22 at 7:02