So I've tried bruteforcing my server using thc-hydra's https-post-form, but it floods the server very quickly and the requests start timing out.

However, If I go through the browser where the HTTP header Connection: Keep Alive is used and accepted by the server, I can make a lot of requests in rapid succession without flooding the server.

Is there a tool like hydra that can be used to send many https post requests using a single tcp connection?

  • Bash script which executes a cURL command to login. – J.J Oct 10 at 8:51
  • Try intruder tab in burp – Vipul Nair Oct 10 at 9:12
  • @VipulNair From what I've read, the Burp intruder makes a new connection for each request, I might be misinformed though. – Sam Oct 10 at 9:25

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