Yesterday my wife receive some emails from Sony confirming her purchases on Playstation Network. The only problem is: she was with my side watching Netflix on the smart Tv. The purchased items is a pre-order of the new Call of Duty and an annual subscription to PS plus. We do not recognise this purchases, obviously.

After changing the password and set up the 2-factor authentication, we tried to contact Playstation support to revert this purchases and get more information about this.

  1. Playstation Network web page does not have any Access Log feature;
  2. In contact with the online support, they claim that the purchase was made by the device itself;
  3. They also claims that they do not have any access log control;
  4. They state that there nothing they can do.

Is it possible that Sony do not have any access log control?

Is there any law/regulation applied for cases like this?

NIST publications could be used as reference for juridical processes, regarding this?

As an IT guys, I never saw any system without Access Log control. For me, their statement is bullshit.

Hope someone could help me clarify this. Thanks in advance for your time.

Reference: https://www.nist.gov

  • Did your wife retyped a code on her phone that one of her friends sent her? – tungsten Oct 11 at 17:43
  • One doesn't have to access the original account to perform an unauthorized transaction. – tungsten Oct 11 at 18:06
  • @tungsten no, she didn't. We apply 2-factor auth AFTER the purchase. By the way, we achieve a refund of all the value after a deep talk with the support. Clearly they notice something on the logs, to change their resolution approach radically. – Marlon Ferreira Oct 11 at 18:27

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