Most of the new authentication solutions (IDaaS) are focused on HTTP (for example implementing SAML and OIDC). What protocols does Active Directory support, that are not normally supported by IDaaS?

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It depends which generation of IDaaS you are referring to but in general Active Directory (and other IAM solutions) tend to have better support for on-prem authentication protocols than IDaaS, which is a cloud bridge, does.

I find your question intriguing because I have never tried to compare them previously (they are after all apples and oranges).

I have made a start with a few of the common authentication protocols:

  • Kerberos = AD
  • LDAP = AD and IDaaS
  • NTLM= AD
  • OIDC = IDaaS
  • SAML = AD and IDaaS

I am sure others may wish to add to or update this list. If that is the case please comment and I will update the answer.

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