Upon opening Microsoft edge, I clicked on a homepage Fox News article about a new bill being introduced. While reading, I looked down and checked my phone, and looked up to see my browser redirecting to a weird ".xyz" page that had one of those fake "Critical Edge error" messages and a spammy popup box about contacting a presumably fake support number. I closed Edge and reopened.

The weird thing is that I wasn't going through any sketchy sites or anything and didn't click anything to set this off. What possibilities are there in terms of if there is a malware issue on my computer that caused this, or is there an Edge exploit I don't know about to hijack pages to display a different page? I tried to copy the url before exiting, but even though I thought I hit copy, when I pasted in this post it pasted the previous thing I'd had saved to my clipboard.

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    One of the likelier possibilities is a malicious ad on the site you were browsing. There isn't enough information to tell what actually happened, though. – Ghedipunk Oct 17 at 18:34
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    See also Malvertising. It is not uncommon that major advertising networks are affected by this specifically if they use real-time ad bidding. And when these big ad networks are affected the big web sites are affected too. Bit as Ghedipunk said already - this is just a guess and there are not enough details to be sure. – Steffen Ullrich Oct 17 at 19:29
  • Thanks this seems plausible! Sorry I don't have more details but I wasn't really paying attention to see what happened. – Goel Nimi Oct 18 at 1:07

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