I have a Windows 10 Pro 1903 with four accounts:

  • two are for adult users and two for children
  • one adult account is admin account, three remaining are standard users accounts,
  • all four are Microsoft accounts and uses Windows Hello feature to allow login with PIN number.

Recently I have changed by BIOS configuration, by disabling TPM 2.0 support and enabling TPM 1.2 support. Windows immediately "captured" this change and invalidated PINs, requesting users to re-login to Microsoft account via password and then recreate their PINs.

What surprised me the most is that above mentioned change occurred only to three accounts. One account -- child and standard user account -- was "missed" and can login without any problems, using the same PIN that was defined to this account prior to TPM version change in BIOS.

Am I missing something obvious? Shouldn't PIN numbers for all four accounts be invalidated?

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