I know that a WiFi adapter can scan for active BSSIDs, and that in monitor mode it can scan all unencrypted traffic.

What is the best way to list nearby WiFi clients from Python? I understand that all I might get is a MAC address and the AP it's communicating with, but this is all the data that I need.


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Check sources for the WPS handshake attacks from the WIFITE package.

I remember it listing clients of all scanned APs, with MACs.

(Needs clients info to force deauth and capture handshake)


class Client:
        Holds data for a Client (device connected to Access Point/Router)

    def __init__(self, bssid, station, power):
        self.bssid = bssid
        self.station = station
        self.power = power



#sniff for client mac's

I don't know python very well, but it's in there.

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