I've found several extremely cheap USB Bluetooth options and, while the reviews say they work, I am skeptical of them because they are so cheap/have no name brand recognition.

Here is the main one I am looking at: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B071WKP37Q/

My real question: How do I know this isn't a sort of trojan horse that functions as described but also adds malicious software to my computer without me knowing/at the same time?

The device would have to have some kind of flash memory on board, and who knows what will load when plugged in. I doubt Amazon is doing any kind of testing, so I need to put faith in the third-party company (Lovin Product) selling it, which is, according to their website, 'an importer and distributor of wireless products...' (not the manufacturer)

Not trying to call out this company/product in particular, just curious if anyone has thoughts on this. Am I overthinking this, or are these legitimate concerns?

Any thoughts?