I want to test for security vulnerabilities in an Android App and hence want to monitor all HTTP(S) calls being made from an Android App.

I have setup BurpSuit in my Laptop and have also set up the proxy in my Android device. After installing the Burp certificate in the user trusted certificates I am able to monitor the HTTP(S) calls properly for Website and almost all apps.

But some apps are showing error by stating "Could not connect. Please check the internet connection.".

I am using an Android 5.0 non-rooted device.

Any help would be grateful

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Some apps are configured with hard coded CA certificates or internal certificate stores. This means you can't make them trust your certificate by adding a CA in the shared certificate stores. This is quite common security measure e.g. in the financial industry.


You need a rooted device in order to bypass SSL Pinning (Causing this error: "Could not connect. Please check the internet connection.".) and preventing you from seeing/intercepting the requests. There's many tools available on the Xposed Framework that can help.

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