I wanted to know if there was any other way to detect the OS of a network (other than nmap) since nmap doesn't detect most versions of Windows 10 at all and identifies them as a different OS altogether or as a different version of Windows.

How can I reliably detect Windows 10 on the network?


There are a lot of techniques. Some of them are:

  • IP TTL values + TCP Window size
  • DHCP requests
  • MDNS
  • ARP / NDP / SEND
  • NetBIOS
  • SSH / SSL / TLS

Here is a great article about it. Don't forget to read Nmap OS Detection.

  • I have tried os detection using the nmap smb-os-discovery script seemed to work pretty good except for windows 10. Someone even raised it as an issue on their github about 2 years ago and the nmap accepted it as a bug about a year ago. I wrote this mainly to say thanks. So thanks. – DragonlordDrake Nov 27 '19 at 6:48

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