Say, for example, I generate a time based UUID with the following program.

import uuid
uuid = uuid.uuid1()
print uuid
print uuid.time

I get the following:


Can I get back the original UUID, that is 47702997-155d-11ea-92d3-6030d48747ec, if I know the timestamp (137946228962896279)?

I am reading about UUID version 1 and found a few programs that "kind" of tries to reverses it, but, every time, I am getting a different UUID.

The part that is always changing are the timestamp part (last 4 digits of the first block - 47702997) and the clock_sequence (92d3).

If it is possible to get back the original UUID, what would I need?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

  • This looks more a programing question, did you try to ask this on stackoverflow.com ? – camp0 Dec 3 at 15:44
  • Sorry, I realized later. I have posted it there as well. – Haunted Dec 3 at 16:20

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