I'm playing around with nmap sometimes to understand and remember different parameters. I would like to scan devices on my LAN for vulnerabilities. Something like:

$ nmap -sU --script vuln -v

I got pretty much accurate information about devices and vulnerabilities on my LAN in stdout, but it's not pretty readable.

What is a good method to perform a representative vulnerability scan on the local network ( I was thinking about -oX, and I am curious about different methods.

  • Can you clarify your question? Are you looking for a more easily read format of the results, or different details in the results? – Sean E. M. Dec 4 at 14:21
  • Yes sure, I mean both. Last time I did a scan with .xml output (-oX), which requirements do I need to open that? Firefox opens the scan.xml without any layout, like the same as in nano. – l4jos Dec 4 at 15:54
  • nmap output options are not a security concern, and they are in the nmap documentation. – schroeder Dec 4 at 20:37
  • "how to run vulnerability scans in nmap" is also found in the documentation in the many scripts nmap offers. – schroeder Dec 4 at 20:37
  • Additionally, there is comprehensive documentation on how to format XML to HTML found on the site. Specifically it is here Creating HTML Reports – Sean E. M. Dec 6 at 14:16