I really need to know the nearest location (and if possible exact) of a mobile phone (Android or iPhone).

Yes, the simplest answer will be with a Google Maps API, but the mobile GPS must be activated and in addition to this the browser must have permissions. I wonder if today it is possible to obtain the location of a phone without the slightest contact with the user.

I understand that the IP address gives a nearby but not exact location, is this true? Is it possible to use OSINT in this situation?

  • We have had this question asked a few times. IP is not location. As an end user, you have few, if any, options. The phone company can triangulate. – schroeder Dec 4 at 23:43
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    You can also locate a mobile phone visually, which gives you an extremely accurate location relative to your own, but requires line-of-sight to the device. Audible location services exist, typically by having another device initiate a call, which could give higher range but lower accuracy (typically enough accuracy for most purposes, though). This does depend on the state of the mobile device, typically whether or not it's powered, connected to a network, and whether or not it's in a silent mode. – Ghedipunk Dec 4 at 23:51
  • @Ghedipunk When you talk about locating visually, do you talk about satellite location or something similar? Is it like what the police use when making a call and after certain minutes they have the location :0? – Julián Dec 9 at 16:05
  • No, I mean, actually standing in the same room as it, and using your own eyes. I'm making the point that there are a LOT of ways to know where a mobile device is, some of them obviously outside of the realm of the question (and just knowing where something is isn't a security question... What threat are you trying to avoid, someone stealing your phone? A three-letter-agency snooping on your whole life? A jealous lover trying to find evidence of infidelity? – Ghedipunk Dec 9 at 16:09
  • Ah, for a moment I thought it was something else ... I think that regardless of the need to do so, it can be considered a matter of information security and privacy, because I am a Pentesting enthusiast I really do not consider myself an expert in this type of fields and much less Android, I considered asking to have the opinion of some kind of service or technique and to be able to guide me. – Julián Dec 9 at 16:19