I loathe passwords with completely random letters and digits. It's so much nicer to have a password made up of proper words. Even if the total length is much longer, it's easier to memorize, transcribe, etc.

So I thought of this password generation scheme:

result = ""

while (result.length < 12)
  result += randomWord()

if (result.length < 16)
  result += shortRandomWord()

result += randomInteger(1000, 9999)

In this example, assume that randomWord() returns an English dictionary word of length 4 to 10, and shortRandomWord() returns one of length 4 to 5. This is sure to give you a password of length 16 to 21, made up of 2 to 5 words, plus the 4 random integers.

Is this a good password generator? How does its entropy compare to a function that generates a password of length 8 with random letters and digits?



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