Recently, when staying in a rented apartment, I signed in to the YouTube app on the smart TV by entering a code using chrome on my tablet to pair them. I was planning to log out before I vacated the apartment but forgot to do so.

What are the security implementations of this? I am not bothered by people seeing my viewing history on YouTube etc., but obviously wouldn't like anyone to access any other google services via my account.

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    Does this help? – user Jan 2 at 15:36

I am quite sure that the SmartTV cannot share your account session with other devices, but in any case you can remotely close the session by following the guide here: https://appuals.com/sign-google-account-remote-devices/

  • @user this is not a link-only answer. The link is a supplement to the main point – schroeder Jan 2 at 16:42
  • Thank you, but the TV is not listed amongst the devices, maybe because I didn't sign in with username and password, but rather I authorised the app via an already signed in device? – Robin Salih Jan 2 at 17:31
  • Just a guess, but if you sign out on the Chrome device perhaps that will invalidate the pairing? – Harry Johnston Jan 2 at 23:46
  • @HarryJohnston I've since now reset my google password, which has logged me out of all my devices, so I'm safe now. – Robin Salih Jan 3 at 9:00

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