I keep on receiving email which is intend to be received by a gmail id similar to be mine, with no dots(.) in gmail id of other party. For example : my email id is john.grisham@gmail.com the inbox of above email ids, get emails intended to be received by johngrisham@gmail.com

Question 1: The other party will also be receiving my emails ? Question 2: How can i get rid of this problem?


Dots don't matter in GMail addresses.

Here's the link for your further reading.

You can add as many dots as you like in your GMail address, and you'll still receive that e-mail.

It also says that nobody else can create a new, dotted version of your e-mail address, so there can't be "other party" you mention in your e-mail.

Since there's no "other party", I assume the e-mail you received was meant for you.

  • I created my gmail account in 2003, may be ignoring dot(.) from id was not present at that time and gmail was allowing to create different email ids with and without dot. – sanjeev Jan 13 at 18:43

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