Cognitive hacking some say is a new type of hacking field and some say it is something that been there for many years. Exploring the chapters of WIKI and using projects like MisinfoSec, got me confused about the differences between disinformation and misinformation when it relates to deepfakes and fake news.

"Misinformation is misleading. Disinformation is a damn lie." that is the best one-liner I found explaining the difference. It is very confusing when I find these words used interchangeably while having a very different meaning when related to deepfakes and fakenews. Will you consider Deepfakes and fakenews as disinformation or misinformation hacks?

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    You are basically asking of manipulated information are just misleading or are they a lie. But this fully depends on how exactly and in which context it is used. Deepfakes or fake news can be mostly harmless misinformation but can also be used for disinformation. – Steffen Ullrich Jan 10 at 12:14
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    @Filipon if there are no tags for the topic, there is a good chance that it is off-topic. There are technical and philosophical definitions for the terms that apply directly. And how they apply is determined by intent. As such, this is not a security question but a "theory of information" question. – schroeder Jan 10 at 13:49
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Disinformation, in today's world, leads to misinformation.

Today, most media is owned by only 5 large corporations, so disinformation can be done extremely easy, especially for sensitive subjects like happenings in countries not aligned with the current globalized system. From there, it is widely and unintentionally spread everywhere.

So deep-fakes and fake news are created as disinformation, but end up as misinformation because any countering factor is quickly eliminated from public access and/or discredited, leading to having no viable way to counter what is happening.

This is a global tactic, but in an identical manner can be applied to isolated systems (like various countries, or any lower systems).

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