I'm trying to figure out if the data created by a Mac user on a local mac is truly secure from other users on that same mac. For example, on MacOS Catalina, I have three accounts:

  1. Administrator
  2. User 1 (Standard)
  3. User 2 (Standard)

Each user as a discreat robust password. FileVault is enabled.

If User 2 saves data in their private (non-shared) folder, is there anyway for User 1, or Administrator to access that data without User 2's password?

All three users are me. I use User 1 account for everything personal. I only use Administrator for administrator functions. I've created User 2, to use for working at home, for the purpose of segregating sensitive work documents from my personal account. My thought is that if User 1 account gets hacked or compromised, can a hacker get the information I saved on the same computer as User 2?

The only thing I can think of is if hacker gains access to Admin account, then a key logger can be installed and capture my credentials when logging into User 2.

  • What exact privileges does "Administrator" have? Can they manipulate user accounts? Can they sudo to root? If so, they could likely compromise the lower-privilege accounts. – multithr3at3d Jan 20 at 22:31

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