Excuse my ignorance as I don't work in infosec.

I ran reboot inside a linux virtual machine using VirtualBox on Mac and it rebooted my host machine. I am trying to reproduce the problem but haven't gotten it right just yet.

If I am able to reproduce the issue, should I report it and who should I report it to?

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    Are you sure when you ran reboot inside the VM, you were not connected via SSH to the host machine? Wouldn't be the first time something like that has happened. – MechMK1 Jan 23 at 7:24
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    A reboot of the Guest-VM should not cause a reboot of the host. If you've found a bug in Virtualbox please use their Bugtracker to report it. – Steffen Ullrich Jan 23 at 7:25
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    The most likely explanation is that you accidentally ran reboot on your host machine instead of the VM. Double-check this first. – user253751 Jan 23 at 13:37

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