First things first, I'm a newbie so, bear with me...

I created a word list with a combination of a possible password for a certain user using Crunch (it's the dictionary output) and need to use John The Ripper to sort through all the possible combinations in the wordlist created for the password and display it, alongside the hash and also need to add the --format=nt option, since the hash came from a Windows system. The hash is saved on another file and is in the correct format. However, I'm having trouble with this, can't seem to figure this out and, for better understanding, here are the screenshots of what I did:


Can you tell me what I'm doing wrong? What am I missing?

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    It is not clear what exactly you need. – mentallurg Feb 11 at 0:35
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    Here's the instruction: Pass the wordlist to John the Ripper to crack the password for the user account. Note: When using John the Ripper to both crack the hashes and display the passwords, you will need to add the --format=nt option, since these hashes came from a Windows system. Except everytime I pass it through Jonh, I get the error "No password hashes loaded" and am stuck. – user226855 Feb 11 at 10:25
  • It seems John disagrees with your opinion that the hashes are stored in the correct format – wireghoul Feb 11 at 11:18
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    The hash is saved as "administrator:500:somelongntlmstring:::" , so it's correct and here are screenshots of the commands I used: imgur.com/a/M13XC63 – user226855 Feb 11 at 13:57

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