10 minutes after installing Nmap on a fresh install of windows, NMap loaded on its own and attempted to scan dozens of IP addresses around the globe. I never initiated the scan. Notice the source address is different than my own IP How is this possible? Is this a feature in NMap? Packet generator? Virtual address injected into my hyper-visor through AMD PSP?

NMap spontaniously loads on fresh install of windows, scans

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    is it installed as a service or bundled in another software ? – elsadek Feb 11 at 8:00
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    Where exactly did you obtain nmap from? – MechMK1 Feb 11 at 10:06
  • nmap.com; Npcap was already installed with wireshark and when I did install nmap it said "networx is using "nmap" or "npcap" (probably the latter) please close before installing," something to that effect. It was a copy of Networx which is a bandwidth monitor that had an invalid signature. "2020 repack by KpoJIuK". You can download it for testing if you like. Networx does not use or install npcap however, so I suspect this program may have been backdoored. With networx still installed, a few hrs later Nmap started scanning. How can the source address be different than my own? – Tyler Feb 12 at 10:20
  • I guess the nmap loopback device could have had its own ip set to – Tyler Feb 12 at 15:54

The answer is that nmap has this functionality built in, I just noticed the folliwng:

Source option: "use decoy to hide identiy" code: -D

Send fake decoy probes from spoofed addresses to hide your own address. Give a list of addresses separated by commas. Use RND for a random address and ME to set the position of your address.

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    This would still require you to have used Nmap with the -D or -S option. Nmap will not "load on its own" so did you start this scan yourself? – bonsaiviking Feb 12 at 16:33
  • no, it must have been a hacker – Tyler Feb 13 at 8:22

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