My main goal is to build Raspberry Pi cloud storage and I want to access it remotely. I can easily send commands via SSH.

However, transferring files bugged me due to its slow connection speed, or latency due to buffer, or other factors. I checked SFTP and FTPS for this.

My main goal is to send a file, let's say mixed files of RAWs, JPGs, and MOVs that are about 5 Gigabytes, and to send it in minimum amount of time. I think this is possible if I encrypt the file first on my local machine and send it through some connection, then decrypt the file once it reaches there completely.

What are your suggestions to send large files securely?

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    It may seem that your problem is the slow upload speed. I don't think that this is related to our site. Why when I transfer a file through SFTP, it takes longer than FTP? See the third comment under the question. – kelalaka Feb 21 at 20:50
  • @kelalaka but what is the method for that? Can SFTP commands be used separately, if yes how? Or maybe you can suggest me to use another protocol that I don't know. – Kaan Güven Feb 21 at 21:11
  • Use plain FTP to send the encrypted data? – kelalaka Feb 21 at 21:18
  • That is a reasonable idea. I still don't know if I can ensure full functionalities of SFTP with this method. However it is enough to get me started. Thank you. – Kaan Güven Feb 21 at 22:02
  • Please indicate what kind of Raspberry Pi you have and what kind of runtime you are consdiring. Maybe some raspberries contain hardware acceleration for specific algorithms (in the future). – Maarten Bodewes Feb 22 at 19:11

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