my api is:


I wanted a script that generate a code of 16 numeric and test possibility the result 200 or 404

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Do you really want that?

There will be FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF possible combinations, which is ~ 1.844674407371E+19 in decimal.

Say you can make 1000 requests a second (which is pretty high, but lets go with it) That means it will take you:

  • 1.844674407×10¹⁶ seconds, which is
  • 3.074457346×10¹⁴ minutes, which is
  • 5.124095576×10¹² hours, which is
  • 213503982334 days, which is
  • 584942417 years

Yes, its possible to write a ZAP script to test every possible combination, but that doesn't mean its a sensible thing to do.

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