Firefox Monitor has given me a warning that Lumin PDF has been hacked.

Lumin PDF warning

However, I use my Google account to login to Lumin, which I believe means Lumin did not store a password for me.

Does the Lumin PDF hack mean that my Google account may be compromised in any way?

The warnings for Firefox Monitor don't seem to ever go away, even after changing relevant passwords, so I am unclear on the status of my accounts with sites they warn me about.

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If you are using the "Login with Google/Facebook/etc." option, then, no, that site does not get your password.

You actually log into Google/Facebook/etc. and then they tell the site that you successfully logged in.

If you want to know more, the technology that is used to do this is called "Single Sign On". All the guides online get very technical, but the idea is that the site trusts Google/Facebook/etc. to tell them that you are you (authentication).

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