In my MacBook Air, whenever I search something in google, some adds are appearing out of no where and they're hiding the actual search results from google. When I checked the developer tools, I found that they were coming from a http request to findsearchresults.info which is being called from another js file from hugoclose.com https://hugoclose.com/22c1fbfd0fc1969766.js. Can anyone help me fix this issue?

enter image description here


It seems Internet is full of very detailed guides on how to remove this specific Hugoclose.com malware manually, but in short it's removed with the very usual methods:

  • Remove the browser extensions you are not familiar with (or you have installed recently).
  • Remove all search providers you don't want.
  • Change the home page if it has been changed.
  • If the malware came with some other application, remove that application.

I don't want to link any of the guides as they all are there to promote their own malware removal software.

  • I've tried removing some extensions. Once I remove them it doesn't cause the problem for some time. But it appears again even if I didn't install any extension. Now I've uninstalled all the extensions. Let me see if the problem appears again. Apr 18 '20 at 16:24

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