I was reading an article on Bluetooth security (see citation below), and in the introduction the authors writes:

"Bluetooth specifications provide for three basic security services: -

Authentication: verifying the identity of communicating devices based on their Bluetooth device address.

Bluetooth does not provide native user authentication. "

What do they mean by that? I had trouble understanding what they were trying to say by "native user authentication".

Tsira, Vikethozo & Nandi, Gypsy. (2014). Bluetooth Technology: Security Issues and Its Prevention. International Journal of Computer Technology & Applications. 5. 1833.

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This means that if you connect Bluetooth device A to device B then device B can be sure that A is really A, but cannot tell that the user of A is who he or she claims to be. If you need B or the user of B to be certain of the identity of the user of A then you will need an additional layer i.e. one that is not native to Bluetooth.

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