I have an encrypted .eml file and a private key. I've looked it up a lot on the internet but couldn't find a way to decrypt the email using OpenSSL. I've tried this command:
smime -decrypt -in encrypted.eml -inkey privatekey.key -out decrypted.eml
and each time I get this error:

OpenSSL> smime -decrypt -in encrypted.eml -inkey privatekey.key -out decrypted.eml
No recipient certificate or key specified
smime: Use -help for summary.

I have also tried converting the private key to a .pem file but it still displays the same message. both files are in the same folder as the openssl.exe application is, before that I couldn't get it to work at all.

I clearly am doing something wrong, what is it exactly?

  • -inkey is an option and all options (must) begin with a hyphen. The privatekey file does need to be in PEM format inside, but it doesn't need to be named .pem unless you want to. – dave_thompson_085 May 28 '20 at 23:29

Try using openssl cms instead of openssl smime. See https://www.misterpki.com/openssl-cms/ for a good example.

  • I've tried that but I still get the same error: No recipient certificate or key specified – Daniel May 29 '20 at 10:50

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