Last month I resetted my cell phone, also immediately installed Malwarebytes and Avast. Every scan until now was/is safe.

But I also have a virus scanner which is included in my ISP safety package (Telenet Safeguard - Not a lot is known, but it appears to be based on Bitdefender, although no settings or user info is really available (only very simple logs and 'on/off'))

This last virus scanner (Telenet Safeguard) is every 2 weeks (sunday morning) blocking 10 tries to browse to columbus . shortest-route . com (without the spaces). Probably 10 is the retry count.

When googling this, it seems to be related to malware, but the indications are not that clear for me.

I checked my phone now already with multiple virus scanners (Malwarebytes, Avast, Bitdefender), but all scans are clear.

So my question is quite simple, is this something known? My cell phone is a Samsung device running Android.

And if not known, how can I check what process (or app) is doing this. Because it definitely isn't an action done by me on my phone.

Thanks in advance BLE


Found it out myself. It appears to be related to mails coming from Procter & Gamble. When opening them, this 'browse attempt' is blocked.

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