In Hydra, default number of connects in parallel per target is 16 and it can be changed with -t flag.

E.g. -t 100 for 100 connection in parallel per target.

wolf@linux:~$ hydra -h | grep parallel
  -t TASKS  run TASKS number of connects in parallel per target (default: 16)
  -T TASKS  run TASKS connects in parallel overall (for -M, default: 64)

What about wfuzz? I did not see this info in it's help menu. Is it possible to change it's value?

wolf@linux:~$ wfuzz -h | egrep -i 'thread|parallel'
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    Never worked with wfuzz but after 2 minutes looking at the documentation I found: "You can increase or decrease the number of simultaneous requests to make your attack proceed faster or slower by using the -t switch.". – Steffen Ullrich Jun 8 '20 at 5:18

In this blog post https://resources.infosecinstitute.com/wfuzz-and-webslayer/ It shows that the default threads Number Is 20 and you can set the Number of thread Udine -t flag

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