I am not able capture 4 way handshake, I also tried manually disconnecting and reconnecting my device to the network in hope that airodump-ng will capture the handshake but no luck. I checked the device was successfully getting disconnected after sending deauthentication packets, and gets automatically reconnected the moment I stop sending the packets. I am using Kali 2020.2 in VirtualBox. My Wifi adapter is TP-Link TL-WN722N(V3) with Realtek rtl8188eus chipset. Also one weird thing I noticed, deauthentication attacks do not work everytime, it only works roughly 1 out of 5 times and discovering networks around me take 30-40 seconds. I tried reinstalling VirtualBox and Kali Linux, still no improvement.

Commands that I am using

  • airodump-ng --bssid (bssid of router) --channel (channel number) --write handshk wlan0
  • aireplay-ng --deauth 32 -a (bssid of router) -c (target client) wlan0

I can see the captured packets in handshk.cap file but no handshake is being detected by aircrack-ng.

Result of aircrack-ng

root@kali:~# aircrack-ng handshk-01.cap -w test.txt

Reading packets, please wait...
Opening handshk-01.cap
Read 2180918 packets.

       BSSID                 ESSID               Encryption

1 (bssid of router)   (name of the network)   WPA (0 handshake)

Choosing first network as target.

Reading packets, please wait...
Opening handshk-01.cap
Read 2180918 packets.

1 potential targets

Packets contained no EAPOL data; unable to process this AP.

Quitting aircrack-ng...
  • I always ask, is anything else manipulating your interface's channel during the capture? – multithr3at3d Jun 15 '20 at 23:18
  • @multithr3at3d Yes, I have killed all the proccess by airmon-ng check kill command. – MaxHacc Jun 16 '20 at 9:19

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