try ping these (and everything in between) 021111111111 021555555555

What are they?


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They are IPv4 addresses, nothing special.

An IPv4 is a 32 bits integer. It is often written as a sequence of 4 octets but can as well be written in a full number.

In fact, ping does even do the job for you:

$ ping 021111111111
PING 021111111111 ( 56 data bytes

So 021111111111 is just another way to write Why? Starting with 0 it is an octal number, base 8. If you convert it in decimal it is 2300875337 in decimal or in binary:

1000 1001
0010 0100
1001 0010
0100 1001

which translates as 137 36 146 73 and hence is the usual representation.

Same for the other one that you can try to decode the same way.

Or have a look at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IPv4#Address_representations for extended discussion and references.

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