If I were to click a link on any of my devices, be it over text message, email, or from a webpage, and enter no information/actions with the target page. What is the worst that could happen?


If your browser (for example IE) contains a vulnerability such as CVE-2020-0674 then an attacker could gain access to your device via remote code execution or a number of other ways. Once they have gained access they could easily make your device part of a zombie network, install banking trojans, install ransomware etc.. etc... Best advice would be to use an up to date browser and not click any suspicious links. If you would like to investigate a link then I would recommend using a VM.


The worst that could happen is your system downloads ransomware and subsequently infects all other devices on your network with ransomware. Or you are targeted with a banking trojan that steals your online banking credentials and subsequently your money.

Malware (especially ransomware) is not typically downloaded and run this way, but drive-by downloads are definitely possible.

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