I was given a task and only have 7 days to complete it. I'm new to this, as my previous field was wiring and consulting, but glad to learn a new skill now.

I have an AD hash from Windows Server 2019. The objective is to obtain the plaintext password. Minimum password length is 10 characters, combination of letters and numbers, no special characters.

I was told Hashcat can be effective, but I'm not sure how to configure or use it.

I'm running on a laptop, but can set up a desktop if necessary.

Any help to guide me would be highly appreciated.

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    We really aren't a hacking tutorial site. Hashcat has tons of tutorials and a lot of documentation. You really need to start there. – schroeder Jun 30 at 14:42
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    Googling hashcat tutorial finds multiple articles and videos which will walk you through the basics of using hashcat. That's sort of the basic due diligence required to either succeed or to formulate a more specific question. – gowenfawr Jun 30 at 14:42