My web application need to make call to 3rd party REST API which is protected by Basic authentication on some user click. We are planning to use a technical user for the call.

This will expose the Authorization header in network call in browser dev tools.

How can avoid exposing the authorization header to the user?

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Anything that runs client-side is unprotected. No matter what kind of protections you employ, a determined client will be able to defeat the protection. Just look at the amount of bots created for abusing big games to earn in-game currency.

You will need to use server-side protection. Use a server-side script to access any third party service, and route everything to your client. This way you can block misbehaving clients, don't publicize the third-party credentials, and don't have issues with CORS.


Short and simple answer: You can't. HTTP headers are sent by the user agent on behalf of the user, and cannot be hidden from the user.

So in a case like this, it's probably better to "proxy" the call to the 3rd party through your own API and rely on the authentication you use for your own users.

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