I'm trying to learn to do pen testing and wifi cracking.

I had captured handshakes and begun cracking the handshake a day ago, with the password not being in my dictionary list.

When trying with a new list I received this error.

Invalid packet capture length 1859175202 - corrupted file?

Now whenever I capture the handshake it is coming up with this error.

I have now begun using wifite2 to try and get around this issue. It is not capturing handshakes or deauthing the test wifi point whatsoever - this is relatively simple to do for me when using just airplay / aircrack.

I'm thinking - should I delete the saved handshakes? And where are they held? I had put them in pkg file based on the tutorial on https://www.aircrack-ng.org/doku.php?id=newbie_guide

Thanks in advance,


Load the captured packets into Wireshark, and check if they are valid. If you find some .pcap file corrupted, you can safely delete it. If you already have a valid handshake, you don't need to capture again for testing against another dictionary list, for the same target. Having a lot of handshakes won't help to speed up the cracking. You need only one valid handshake for each target (which is composed of a minimum of two packets), but you must be sure that the handshake is valid, otherwise you may waste your time. Take a look at this for more details.

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