My problem is that I'm trying to crack RAR file with is encrypted with RAR3 encryption. Decided to try with John The Ripper. Here are clues I have from my friend.

  1. Max password length is 8
  2. Only capital letters or digits

And I need now filter to make John crack the password without trying to check small lowercase letters. On hashcat it's easy to do but program do not support $RAR3$*1 type of hashes.

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You will need to be running John 1.9.0 to support masks. The following John mask specification:

john -1='?u?d' --mask='?1?1?1?1?1?1?1?1'

Will match 8 characters of Upper and Digits.

The MASK documentation file from the distribution is available here and goes into more detail about what you can do with masks.

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