How do you generate a batch file for windows .bat using msfvenom, msfvenom does not seem to have a batch file like format and is it possible to convert a .ps1 to .bat file

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A .ps1 file is a PowerShell script: unlike .bat and .cmd it's executed in Windows PowerShell instead of the Windows cmd.exe. While it's possible to "convert" a PowerShell script into a batch script that calls PowerShell, the requirement for the PowerShell framework remains.

If that's what you are looking for, for a longer script like the one produced by msfvenom, I'd suggest the method explained in Dmitry Sotnikov's PowerShell script in a .bat file:

  1. Put the code inside curly brackets and assign it to a variable.

    $code = {
        # code here
  2. Base64 encode it with PowerShell:

  3. Use it in your batch script with powershell.exe -EncodedCommand

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