I am running Kali linux 2020.3 on VBox on Windows 10. I put my wireless card AWUS036ACH chipset Realtek RTL8812AU in monitor mode using airmon-ng start wlan0.

enter image description here

Then i use airodump-ng wlan0 to capture all the traffic that is passing by. When i use airodump-ng wlan0 it captures a WPA Handshake of any AP and then switch from WPA Handshake to PMKID. This keeps on happening while airodump-ng wlan0 is running.

Image of airodump-ng wlan0 capturing WPA Handshake

Image of airodump-ng wlan0 capturing PMKID

Could it be due to the wireless card i am using?

I have got another issue, which i think, somehow related to this. While on airodump-ng wlan0 my card shows whole lot of APs and devices, but it is kind of weird that i am just able to see all of them when i am totally zoomed out (of course you can't read anything if you are totally zoomed out). As soon as i try to zoom in, the APs start missing by missing i mean they don't show up on the screen even if i scroll down (and start showing up again if i zoom out). This how it looks like: enter image description here

Any help is appreciated.

  • Why do you think the behavior is bad? Everything seems to be working normally. Also, I'd imagine zooming in and out is messing up the display. Perhaps use some filter options so there are less results and no need to zoom out. Commented Sep 8, 2020 at 11:08
  • @multithr3at3d. I think the behavior is bad because at the end i am not getting the output (which is a Handshake). I don't get how can I get a PMKID or WPA Handshake (and vice versa) with just airodump-ng wlan0 (without mentioning a BSSID or a Channel). Thanks for the filter option but on the other hand if i wanted to see all of the results, what should i do?
    – Qasim
    Commented Sep 8, 2020 at 15:04


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