I've hacked a box in an internal network and I want to use 'pass-the-hash attack' on another box but this box has Avira anti-virus installed in, and the common payload windows/meterpreter/reverse_tcp is detectable by Avira.

So I made my own backdoor and it can bypass Avira; how can I let metasploit use it instead of meterpreter?

  • I googled "metasploit custom payload" and got a ton of guides, including the duplicate listed above. – schroeder Sep 13 at 18:55

With a quick google search I found the following questions asked previously on this forum, they are not recent however may provide the answer you are looking for.

In Metasploit, how to use a custom exe as payload?

How can I add modules to a Payload on Metasploit

The following article is also catered specifically to your use case;


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  • Please do not post links as answers. Include the relevant parts of the link in your answer. – schroeder Sep 13 at 18:51

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