I run firefox with no-script and privacy and tracking protections as maxed out as I can, with the full gamut of addons (all a them "container" addons, as well as cookie cleaners, tracking scramblers etc)

Now, almost every website of significance which I visit runs javascript from gstatic.com and google.com. I have blocked javascript from these domains on the assumption that it's just needless fluff which allows google to track me.

However, this is incredibly tedious, as many websites use those obnoxious "click the fire hydrant to prove you are not a robot" captcha thingos, and there is never any alternate accomodations for people such as myself who are required by their faith to affirm that Google is the whore of babylon and Mark Zuckerburg is the antichrist. Every time this happens I have to sell-out my faith by temporarily enabling javascript. Furthermore websites such as youtube and google translate are just completely broken (whenever I need to access them, I just use chromium). Forcing me to run code from google merely so that I can log in to various unrelated websites is arguably a fundamental and grave violation of my human rights and dignity, but that's not what this question is about.

My question: will accepting javascript from google.com and gstatic.com basically allow google to smuggle a trojan tracker into my digital fortress? Will permanently accepting javascript from google essentially nullify all of my privacy and anti-tracking measures? Regardless of whether or not google actually includes "tracking" code in their javascript, could they do so in principle?

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